Portable Vibration Analyzers & Date Collectors
On Line Vibration Monitoring System
Balancing Machine

Portable Vibration Analyzers & Date Collectors
On Line Vibration Monitoring System
Balancing Machine

Integrated Condition Monitoring

DH-Budenberg is the World Leading Manufacturer of primary pressure standards and pressure calibration equipment.

Activities and Products
The DH-Budenberg product range meets the needs of any industry where pressure is a critical parameter to monitor and master : Power Generation, Aerospace, Pressure Instruments Manufacturing, Gas, Defence, Chemicals, Petroleum, Automotive, Calibration Services Providers...
The portfolio includes solutions for laboratory, workshop, field and production line applications and allows for manual, semi- and fully automatic operation. It includes primary, transfer and working pressure standards, pressure balances, dead-weight testers, automatic controllers/calibrators, portable calibrators and test gauges which are complemented by software packages, accessories, fittings and a full range of services.

Pressures are covered from vacuum to 1 GPa (150,000 psi), in absolute, gauge and differential modes, and for hydraulic or pneumatic operation. Achievable uncertainties range from 0.05% to world's best 3 ppm of reading.
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Eurotherm is a global organization with market leading products in Industrial and Process automation. The combination of applications expertise in specialist divisions delivers an unmatched strength in total solutions.

The Product Offerings Includes World leading Data acquisition and Recorder Solutions, High precision Temperature and Process controllers, Power (Electrical) Controllers, Integrated Process Automation Solutions and  Action instrumentís Signal Conditioners and Isolating Solutions.
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Eurotherm Drives offers a complete line-up of AC drives, DC drives, servo motors and motors to meet a wide range of application requirements.

AC Drives: Integrator Series Guide
690+ Integrator Series
0.3 to 500HP

DC Drives Family Guide
590+ Series DC Drives  
1 to 2000 Hp

Servo Drives & Motor
635 / 637+ Series Servo Drives
2 to 30A
Digivex Series Servo Drives
50 to 300A

Haven Automation Limited was founded in 1965 and operated as an instrument service and contracting company until its acquisition by the Wood Group of Scotland in 1978. Haven subsequently concentrated on the design, development, manufacture and service of process calibration equipment and simulator training systems.

The Companyís activities are divided into three divisions:

  • Test Instruments (Products)

  • Repair and Calibration (Services)

  • Systems and Simulation (Simulation)

Haven has successfully maintained a reputation for the technical excellence and reliability of its products. These include calibrators for Pt-100, thermocouple simulation, temperature, pressure and electrical signals and range from hand-held instruments to complete calibration workstations and custom-designed workshops.

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Nuova Fima has been manufacturing instruments for pressure and temperature control and it is known all over the world for its first class products and manufacturing processes.

The Products range Covers Pressure and Differential Presure gauges, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters and diaphragm seals 

TERCOM s.r.l. is a company engaged since in the design, manufacturing and supply of Primary elements for Flow and Temperature measurement as well as Instrumentation Accessories.

The Product offering Includes Orifice assemblies, Flow Nozzles, Venturi tubes, Flow straightening Vanes, Valves, Manifolds, condensing and seal pots, Water Quality Systems,  Thermocouples, RTDís and Thermowells        

Greyline Inc. develop and manufacture industrial flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment, industrial process automation and for environmental monitoring.

Greyline Level instruments include ultrasonic level transmitters, pump station controllers, tank farm monitoring systems, software and data loggers.

Greyline's ultrasonic Flow products include portable meters for troubleshooting, Doppler flow meters with strap-on sensors, flow switches, open channel flow monitors and data loggers.