Steam Trap Survey

Tig-Tesco offers a range of services from steam trap surveys and process efficiency studies to comprehensive steam trap management packages which are tailored to the needs of individual customers

Steam System Management Surveys

Tig-Tesco offers complete steam and condensate loop survey or steam audits of a process plant to give you the following benefits


Overall profitability and turnover, Production output, Product quality, Efficiency, Process control, Plant monitoring, Plant documentation and understanding, Knowledge of employees & Energy costs


Water to drain (sewage costs), Water treatment costs, Product rejects, Production times, Unit costs, Climate change levies/energy taxes, Emissions and leaks, Downtime, MRO (Maintenance, repair & operational) costs & Spares and stock holding.  

STOCK : We Maintain considerable stock of PRVs, Valves, Strainer & Steam Traps.

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We have many years of boiler house operational experience, and can supply control and monitoring systems for reduced attendance operation and remote control.

We can offer a flexible approach ranging from the straightforward service and inspection contracts to retrofitting and re-commissioning jobs for the burners.

We provide a comprehensive spares service for all makes of boilers. Our highly knowledgeable staff can help you identify and locate any part, from gauge glasses to complete burner and control systems. For harder to find components, we can source and dispatch the materials you require.

We have the capability to handle Burner Conversion, Refractory Services, Re-tubing and any other special customer needs.

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