FLOWSERVE is the second largest Manufacturer of Valves & Valve Automation Systems in the world offering Premium FLOW CONTROL SOLUTIONS, after the acquisition of INVENSYS Flow Control Division. FLOWSERVE Flow Control Division consists of many familiar Valve Brands like VALTEK, KAMMER, SEREG, DURCO, NAF, McCANNA, WORCESTER, ARGUS, AUTOMAX, ATOMAC, SCHMIDT, PMV etc.

VALTEK range is practically available from the simplest to the Severest Applications. The extremely popular, reliable and sturdy VALTEK Cylinder combined with the latest in SMART Technology Positioning systems like the LOGIX SMART Positioners (available in HART, FF and MODBUS Protocols) and patented STARPAC Intelligent Control Systems offer the most reliable & widest possible range of Process Control Solutions.

KAMMER provides a wide range of low flow valves in various styles and sizes. It is especially known for its expertise in micro-flow applications (with trim sizes down to a Kv of 0.0000001 with equal percentage characteristics. SEREG range consists of the extremely popular MAXFLO range of Rotary Control Valves and Cryogenic Control Valves.

DURCO range of PTFE Sleeved, Seated & Lined Plug, Ball & Butterfly Valves offers the widest choice of Design, Material & Application, for the Customer to choose from. DURCO has been a pioneer in the field of Process Valves since its inception in 1901 as the DURIRON Company, the predecessor of FLOWSERVE.  The latest proof of conceptual pioneering at DURCO is the MACH 1 Plug Valve which is under various stages of Process approvals and will revolutionize the application of Plug Valves in the CPI Industries.


Other FLOWSERVE Products we deal with are

Top Entry Severe Service Ball Valves
PMV Valve Positioners
SCHMIDT Control Valves & Regulators

DHV Industries Inc, USA

DHV makes variety of valves to suit every process industries. Their Product range includes :
GATE Valves, GLOBE Valves, CHECK Valves, BALL Valves, BUTTERFLY valves, WAFER CHECK Valves  

Above valves are available in pressure ratings from ANSI 150 # to ANSI 2500 # with Cast Steel, 
Stainless Steel, and Special Alloys etc.
These valves can be offered as Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric operated with actuators from reputed manufacturers.
DHV Valves are approved by leading Oil & Gas Companies around the world.